“Wave Caps are Okay But Relaxers Aren’t? Are There Hair Double Standards in the Black Community?” (Black Girl With Long Hair)

February 26,2014

“You don’t need to be a Woman Studies major to know that across racial and ethnic lines women are subject to greater scrutiny and criticism about their physical appearance than their male counterparts. For black women, however, this scrutiny takes on particularly insidious forms that are rooted in deeply embedded historical and sociological issues. The unbalanced criticism is unfair to all women; but as black women who sometimes engage in beautification practices similar to brothers, it is baffling and sometimes hurtful that we are highlighted as if our choices are unique or anomalous. I’ve heard brothers criticize a woman for wearing a weave who would never mention anything critical to his male friend who uses chemicals to maintain his ‘waves.'”

Read more of this article by Geniece at Black Girl With Long Hair here.


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