“White America’s “Waiver Mania”: The Right’s Plot to Minimize Its Culture War Defeat” (AlterNet)

“Measures like these have emerged in a number of states out of a wellspring of conservative panic about the country’s abrupt legal and cultural evolution into a society that’s broadly tolerant of gay people. Rather than deny the shift, or stop at trying to reverse it in legislatures, the courts and at ballot boxes, conservatives are instead attempting to erect a legal architecture that will wall them off from the growing portion of American society that supports equal rights for gay people. The idea is to use their putative religious beliefs to exempt themselves from broadly-applicable laws when those laws reflect a zeitgeist that offends them — or, as former-Business Insider writer Josh Barro put it, to create ‘a special new right to discriminate on a particular basis.'”

Read more of this article by Brian Beutler for AlterNet here.


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