“Still Think Sexism in Publishing Doesn’t Exist? Look at These Charts” (PolicyMic)

“Every year for the past four years, VIDA, an organization devoted to women in literary arts, has tallied the gender disparity in the publishing world. The VIDA Count, as the tally is called, includes the number of women featured as both authors and subjects in reviews and articles in a variety of literary publications.

The 2013 VIDA Count has just been released, and while it reveals some progress (The Paris Review for example, has shown major strides towards equality) , other major publications likeThe New Republic and The Atlantic remain startlingly behind. VIDA’s list is an important reminder that despite what we may think and hope, ‘Women’s writing continues to be disproportionately omitted from the pages of career-making journals.'”

Read more of Alexandra Svokos’s summary of The VIDA Count at PolicyMic here.


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